Individual post-decoration: A single process in the second step

Want to retroactively customize large or complex 3D components? With IPD-skin®, you can add the final touches to the look or feel. Colors with or without gradients, high-gloss, matte, or brushed look, tactile and haptic designs, or backlighting - nothing is impossible! IPD-skin® can be efficiently and economically integrated into your process chain. This means that prototypes, small series, and special editions can also be realized. The same holds true for this process: It does not affect the recyclability of your components. You can also use recycled material - the result is in no way inferior to new material.



  • With IPD-skin®, you can incorporate an innovative coating process into your production lines giving you nothing but advantages. You’ll enjoy immense design freedom even for short runs. Various decorations can be applied to plastic in rapid succession. Since the machine chamber works only with low pressure at low temperatures, you’ll create components that in addition to their aesthetic quality, also inspire with their powerful feel.
  • The fully formed plastic part isprecisely positioned in the mold insert of the IPD-skin® machine.
  • At the same time,  the machine pulls the high-grade substrate with the desired decoration and haptic properties onto a movable frame arranged above the molded part.
  • In the vacuum process, the substrate with the wafer-thin coating is lowered onto the molded part. Thus, the decoration can be applied together with the substrate to the plastic element at a precisely controlled low temperature.
  • During the subsequent process stage, the decorated component is precisely and fully automatically trimmed at a second machine station. This can be done through punching or laser cutting. This produces precise outer edges as well as precision cutouts and openings in the component, which can later be filled, for example, with control panels or contrasting decors.


  • Suitable for large and complex component geometries
  • Can also be used for already formed components
  • Process can be easily integrated into existing production lines
  • Unlimited design variety: Haptics, backlighting, metallization, colors, and color gradients
  • Economical for prototypes, mock-ups, special series, individual parts
  • Recyclable decorations
  • Also suitable for recycled materials

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