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Conscious Concept - consciously reducing CO2 emissions

Reducing CO2 emissions is one of the biggest challenges for the automotive industry. It is not only important to meet the high standards of the industry but also to preserve the brand’s own identity. KURZ has developed an innovative toolbox for reducing CO2 that can be optimally integrated into any value chain.

The Conscious Concept contains three building blocks to help you maximize your CO2 savings: Ultra-thin decorations, PET carrier with high recycled content and Use of up to 100% recycled plastic. The recyclability of the components is not impaired.

These modules can be combined flexibly or used individually. You decide which measures you deploy to reduce your CO2 emissions in the long term.
The experts from KURZ will be happy to help you with this.

PET carrier with up to 80% recycled content

Using PET substrates with an 80% rPET proportion to transfer the ultra-thin transfer decoration can reduce the carbon footprint of your product by up to 40%, compared to using virgin material.

Ultra-thin layer decoration, thinner than a human hair

Very little material is used for the surface finishes, which are only 8 - 15µm thick. In addition, the highly efficient in-mold decoration process further improve the CO2 balance. Other key factors in the decoration process are the use of up to 40% biobased materials and the water- and emission-free application of recyclable decorations.

Recycled materials in the component, up to 100% 

Customers can even use up to 100% recycled material for their components. These recycled materials can be decorated in the same high quality as virgin material and significantly optimize your carbon footprint. We also support trends in this area and are currently developing unique decorations for bio-based raw materials.

CO2 reduction using a front end example

In-Mold Decoration (IMD) reduces CO2 emissions by 70%.
This example shows what proportion of the CO2 of an entire vehicle
is accounted for by a front panel decorated using this process:


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RECOSYS® rPET recycled material - on the way to a circular economy

NEW! You benefit twice from KURZ decorations: recycled materials can be decorated to the same high standard as virgin material. And the decorated components can be perfectly recycled after use.

We currently produce pure rPET especially for technical textiles and packaging solutions in the automotive industry from PET substrates for the graphics industry. With this material, you can reduce your carbon footprint even further.

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