Sustainably electrifying

The automotive industry is shaped by three key issues: More sustainability, lower CO2 emissions, and the interior as a third living space. If you want to help shape the future of mobility, you need a strong, dynamic partner who meets the high standards of the industry and is able to develop visions. LEONHARD KURZ has the answer to the challenges of the industry. Innovative decorations that don’t make components difficult to recycle. Recycled materials that can be decorated just as spectacularly as new material. Durable components with self-healing surfaces. Efficient processes that offer the advantage of series production ready customization. Rely on KURZ as an all-round solution partner. Get machines, tools, processes, technologies, and innovative designs from a single source. Build on a network of strong partners with the same understanding of quality, efficiency, and sustainability. Contact us!

Consciously reduce carbon

Diminish your carbon footprint! With Conscious Concept, KURZ offers you a toolbox of different measures.

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NEW: Trends vol. 12

Moving towards more humanity: Discover with us how changing needs and attitudes affect designs. Experience how KURZ translates this change into breathtaking plastic surfaces.

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Automotive Rear End Cover

This rear end cover with three different design areas is produced using the IMD process. The panel, made of two different stable plastics, is translucent and can be recycled as a single unit. An innovative lighting concept enables communication with other road users and at the same time makes unmistakable brand statements.

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Wall box

How much design and technology potential there is in wall boxes, KURZ, Covestro and Sumitomo (SHI) Demag show with their sustainable wall boxes. The center control panel is produced using the efficient IMD process with green energy and CO2-neutral material.

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Kunststoffoberfläche Hinterleuchtung Auto Interieur

Future Light
- Integrated light
and surface concept

Surface design and lighting design are two brand-defining elements in the vehicle world of tomorrow. LEONHARD KURZ and the manufacturer of MENTOR fiber-optic systems are demonstrating how these two components harmonize perfectly

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HMI-Panel by LEONHARD KURZ and Swarovski Mobility

ABC Award 2022

The HMI (Human Machine Interface) Smart Crystal Panel for the vehicle interior won the "Special Mention" award in the category "Mobility & Innovation – Smart & Digital". It was developed in cooperation with Swarovski Mobility and the KURZ subsidiaries BURG DESIGN and PolyIC. 

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A brand’s fingerprint: Automotive Badge Design

KURZ is also consistently developing its range for the automotive exterior. We will be showcasing our newest solution for the highly efficient production of automotive exterior emblems live at the stand of our partner Sumitomo Demag, where an automotive badge design will be produced fully automatically. The process: IMD second surface decoration in the classic roll-to-roll process. This component is sprayed, molded, and metallized using indium in a single, highly efficient step.


  • Highly efficient IMD decoration process — from injection molding and decoration to cleaning.
  • Supports autonomous driving functions, as metallization with indium supports radar beams.
  • Much more economical than other methods.
  • Unlimited design freedom, such as backlighting effects, color variations, or individual designs.

Impress with efficiency and sustainability

A 360° solution partner thinks sustainability right from the start. KURZ and its partners are continuously developing the value chain. Our IMD process is no exception here either:

  • The one-step process reduces CO2 emissions in production.
  • Metallization is carried out in a dry process using a wafer-thin indium decorative layer; THE environmentally friendly alternative to electroplating.
  • The quality remains the same, even for large series.
  • The decoration does not impair the recyclability of the components.
  • The process is ideal for the use of recyclates.

Project partners:

  • LEONHARD KURZ: Tool, foil feeder, IMD decoration.
  • BAIER, a KURZ Company: CO2 reduction.
  • Sumitomo Demag: Machine SGM Sumitomo Demag InTelect 220/660-1100 fully electric, SAM – C 10 robot Sumitomo Demag System.
  • H&S Kunststofftechnik: Automation including sprue separation and laser marking.
  • Petek Reinraumtechnik: Laminar flow box.
  • Covestro: Plastic material PC Makrolon.

Award-winning highlight: Smart automotive front panel with IMD DECOPUR

KURZ won the ABC Award in 2020 for the futuristic design of the Iconic Space Grille. Here, design and smart functionality combine to create a highlight on the vehicle of the future. The transparent PUR surface of the concept underlines the spectacular diamond design, while backlighting emphasizes the depth effects even further. Color changes show indicator flashing, braking, and charging. A wide range of fascinating front panel designs with backlighting effects are possible, which provide orientation and other highlights. A perfect example of how a front-end can become a highly functional, long-lasting statement in the automotive sector.

See for yourself:

  • Supports autonomous driving functions.
  • Crystal-clear, high-gloss surfaces, and stunning depth effects.
  • Adhesion resistant and durable coatings.
  • Extremely resistant, weatherproof surface.
  • Self-healing surface.
  • Wide variety of designs.
  • 3D design with hologram effect.

Efficient and innovative at the same time

The front panel not only impresses with its extraordinary design, function, and lighting concept. With the IMD DECOPUR process, we have bundled two processes in one step: IMD decoration and PUR coating. Advantages:

  • The significantly shorter cycle times saves energy.
  • The procedure is suitable for series production.
  • PUR makes exterior components robust and durable, which considerably reduces the need for service and maintenance.


Individualization for Automotive Interior using IMD UNIFY

More individuality and special series, digital processes, and design variations: These developments will shape the automotive interior of the future. With IMD UNIFY, KURZ has the efficient solution to the demands of the automotive interior of the future. A 3D-shaped door trim strip is decorated in the economical IMD process during injection molding, for example in a natural wood look.

In the second step, the component is customized using digital printing. This process makes it easy and efficient to implement special editions and personalized interiors. IMD UNIFY is the solution for all providers who want to offer their customers unique products in series.

There are no bounds to the imagination when it comes to the variety of designs: Any conceivable look, as well as backlighting effects, touch operation, innovative light design, and even haptic effects. All are possible. IMD UNIFY enables the perfect symbiosis of series advantage and individualization via problem-free digital overprinting.

Benefits of IMD UNIFY:

  • Individualization: Parts produced in series can be customized down to a quantity of 1.
  • Fast reaction to trends and special requests possible.
  • Even heavily shaped components can be decorated.
  • Incredible freedom of design and customization.
  • Shy Tech designs with backlighting and light design possible.
  • Haptic designs are also possible.
  • Efficient and sustainable process, saving resources, time and material.
  • Can be used for recycled materials.
  • Decoration does not impair the recyclability of the components.

Automotive Overhead Light Console – innovative roof liner with smart functions

Here you can see how a concept component for a car roof liner is created on a Wittmann Battenfeld machine, with which the driver and co-driver can control functions such as sliding roof, reading lights, or similar. Logos and other brand elements can be projected onto the center console using integrated Gobo projectors. Highlight: Highly transparent and thus invisible PolyTC® sensors directly in the field of vision of the LED surfaces enable intuitive touch operation of the reading lights.

At first glance the control options are hidden behind the Shy Tech design. All functions and the Ambient Light/Day Night design only become visible after activation of the touch panel. See for yourself how backlighting creates additional highlights and provides user orientation.


The innovative Overhead Light Console can be realized as an Inmold Electronics (IME) component:

  • IMD decoration and integration of touch sensor with Functional IML (In-Mold Labeling) in one component without thermoforming and stamping process.
  • Haptic surface of control elements and organic component surfaces support intuitive operation.
  • Direct touch operation of the fully transparent reading lights.

Efficient and sustainable

We keep your sustainability expertise in mind in all our developments:

  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions is achieved through a highly efficient and series-ready one step production process.
  • Dry decoration process, meaning that energy-intensive steps such as post-drying are omitted.
  • Ultra-thin PolyTC® sensors remove the need for buttons and switches; they also reduce the weight of components.
  • Can also be used to decorate recyclates.
  • The recyclability of the components is not impaired by the surface finishing.
  • Numerous surface decorations are possible: Backlighting, customer-specific requirements in terms of design and durability, soft-touch surfaces, or even real metallization.

Project partners

  • BAIER: CO2 cleaning.
  • LEONHARD KURZ: Component design, IMD decoration.
  • OSRAM AMLS: Light management and projections.
  • POLY IC: PolyTC® touch sensors, 3D shaped.
  • Syntech Plastics: Tool technology.
  • Wittmann Battenfeld: Injection molding machine.


Design Check

KURZ Part Advisor

With the KURZ Part Advisor you will quickly find the right decoration for your components. Think about the success of your project right from the first second! You are only a few clicks away from an individual, efficient, and sustainable solution.



Design for Recycling

How can we contribute to sustainable and responsible e-mobility? We ask ourselves this question every single day. And we continuously develop our products and processes. Recyclable solutions are an integral part of our corporate strategy, just as much as the use of recycled materials, wherever possible.



Components without buttons and switches, reduction of process steps, and environmentally-friendly procedures: We are pioneers when it comes to the efficient decoration of plastic surfaces. Currently around 2,500 patents and numerous awards, such as the Bavarian Innovation Prize, confirm that we have our finger on the pulse of progress. Our expertise as a sustainable solution provider along the entire value chain will help you strengthen your position in the market.

Komplexes Kunststoffbauteil Inntenteil Lenkrad Spritguss Dekoration rote Waben auf schwarz

IMD Varioform®

Zahl 40 in 3D metallisch glänzend auf schwarzem Hintergrund Oberfläche Heissprägeverfahren

Hot stamping

Display Auto Mittelkonsole Touch Sensoren Hinterleuchtung HMI

Functional foil bolding

Auto Mittelkonsole Hightech IME InMold Electronics Spritzguss Elaktronik

IML decoration

Laptop Oberflächendetail Ecke grau Dekorationsprozess IMD

IMD unify

Carbon composite

Glänzende Kunststoffoberfläche IMD Verfahren selbstheilendes Design


Hightech Mittelkonsole Auto Insert Molding HMI Hinterleuchtung Kunststoffspritzguss

Insert molding

Print Mold Design Serienbauteil blau Automotive

Print mold design

Full service with strong partners

Rely on the expertise of the entire KURZ Group! We are your partner along the entire value chain: From individual parts to complete components, from sensor technology to HMI with in-mold electronics.


LEONHARD KURZ Foundation: The world market leader in thin-film technology offers complete solutions from the initial idea to the finished product. Working with its subsidiaries, the company creates innovative surface designs and decoration technologies for a wide range of products.

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BAIER develops top-level hot stamping machines for specific customer requirements. Their latest development: A connected CMYK printing unit for the hybrid machine. This means that series parts can now be easily and economically customized using digital printing.

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Burg Design

BURG Design is a specialist in the development of high-quality designs for vehicle interiors and exteriors. BURG Design develops and implements custom solutions efficiently in keeping with stringent industry standards.

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H+M Hinderer + Mühlich

H+M develops embossing dies used to impart a high-quality, refined finish to plastic surfaces. Characterized by extreme precision and durability, these tools shape entire industries sustainably.

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Schöfer specializes in sophisticated injection molding technologies for automotive interiors and exteriors. As such, Schöfer is a development partner of the IMD DECOPUR® technology, which is used for innovative radiator grilles for autonomous driving and for the latest interior trend - Crystal Design - in luxury sedans.

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PolyIC developed the highly flexible and ultra-thin PolyTC® sensors, which can even be safely and securely integrated into heavily shaped components. The transparent metal mesh touch sensors are primarily used in HMI applications.

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TISAX Certificate

Transparency, customer orientation and highest standards are important to us. 

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OROFIN – online
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Take a look with us into the future of surface decoration and find out what is already possible today. Get inspiration and new ideas, hear exciting stories and learn more about innovations from the world of KURZ!

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Making every product unique

KURZ realizes this claim with more than 5,500 employees at over 30 global locations. KURZ is a world leader in surface finishing and produces in Europe, Asia and the USA according to the same high quality and environmental standards.

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