Rear End Cover

The mobility of tomorrow will see vehicles communicate with road users via innovative lighting designs. LEONHARD KURZ has developed an exterior concept for the rear area in cooperation with the leading lighting development company, Lightworks. Fascinating textures for 3D lighting effects and targeted light barriers, detailed creations with color gradients, day-night designs, and modifiable color variants create a wow effect for visitors. Customer-specific requirements are also possible, such as special series, customization via digital printing, or sustainable 5G-compatible and radar-permeable metallization. All the visualizations shown can be realized - in a single production step and in series.

Sustain­ability included!

Designed for Recycling: This component can be fully recycled in one piece. The resulting compound is reused as post-industrial material. This is another process development that helps LEONHARD KURZ on its course towards a circular economy.

Advantages of an unforgettable brand statement:

  • 5G-compatible metal designs
  • Precisely defined backlighting with 3D light effects
  • Different day-night designs
  • Ideal for large components that can be installed directly
  • Touch functions with Shy Tech designs
  • Time- and cost-efficient procedures
  • Capable of series production
  • Reduces the carbon footprint
  • Recyclability of the complete component
  • Use of recycled material possible
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