RIM Design

Aerodynamic rim inlays for greater range and lower noise levels

With the transition to electromobility, the requirements on components such as wheels and rims are also changing. For example, these components must bear far higher loads in electric vehicles than in vehicles with conventional drives. In addition, wheels offer a previously unheard of opportunity to customize the exterior. In cooperation with the wheel manufacturer Ronal Group, KURZ has developed an innovative solution for the design of aerodynamic rim inserts. Thanks to hot stamping PERFORMANCE+, the curved, delicate structures can be decorated perfectly and highly efficiently. Since the inserts decrease air resistance, this increases the range of e-vehicles and reduces the noise level at the same time. The RIM design is series-ready and also suitable for the use of recycled materials.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Innovative design element also for use in the aftermarket
  • Reduced noise level thanks to lower aerodynamic drag due to inserts
  • Innovative and effective decoration thanks to the new hot stamping PERFORMANCE+ process
  • Series-ready, efficient process reduces CO2 emissions and ensures a low reject rate
  • Thin-film decoration is thinner than a human hair and thus ensures recyclable components
  • Also suitable for recycled materials

Our partner

KURZ as a solution partner

We strive for close collaboration with our customers along the entire value chain. That’s why we are constantly further developing our processes. For example, the optimized hot stamping PERFORMANCE+ process can now also be used to economically decorate 3D geometries with a lower carbon footprint - in series production.

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