shy tech design hochfunktionale Kunststoffoberfläche Sensortechnologie

Shy Tech design

The innovation and design specialists at KURZ have done a superb job: Explore the Overhead Light Console (OHLC) concept, which projects logos or light designs onto the instrument cluster using projection technology.

Additional functions are controlled via touch and gesture. And there’s more to it. Voice assistants dominate in the car, with everything hidden behind sealed surfaces. KURZ ensures that design, functionality, and safety go hand-in-hand for the driver.


The economical IME process creates a highly functional Shy Tech design in a single step. A one-step process for molding, decoration, and sensor application.



  • All designs can be transformed into Shy Tech surfaces: Wood, metallization, haptic designs
  • Shy Tech can be combined with IMD BIOFENSE® hygiene protection
  • Components with KURZ decorations are recyclable
  • Components can also be manufactured with recycled materials
  • Backlighting and day-night designs possible
  • Homogeneous and smooth surfaces
  • In-mold electronics for integration of touch operation
  • Light design supports intuitive operation
  • 3D geometries can also be realized with Shy Tech design
Automotive Blende IMD Kunststoffspritzguss
HMI Panel Automotive geschlossene Kunststoffoberfläche mit Sensortechnologie
Hand berührt Display HMI Panel Blende Automotive
Automotive Blende geschlossene Kunststoffoberfläche Sensortechnologie shy tech design hmi

HMI Overhead Light Console

In one step, a functional rooftop component with integrated touch functionality and multifunctional control options is produced.

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