ABC Award 2018

Day-night design Cloudy Feathers

Our passion is to stage brands. That’s why we are constantly developing new ideas and turning them into surprising and extraordinary solutions. As in this case: With Cloudy Feathers, a touch-controlled backlit door trim in an avant-garde day-night design, KURZ won the 2018 Automotive Brand Contest in the ‘Future, Mobility, and Parts’ category. The judges were enthusiastic about the overall design of the trim with its surface design, lighting effects, and touch functions.


The challenge

Design and function are moving ever closer together, with nature increasingly serving as a model. KURZ designers have been inspired by a bird’s feather dress on the door trim, as the name of the design suggests: Cloudy Feathers. In the daytime design, the monochrome surface with organically curved, matte, and shiny elements is reminiscent of a bird’s feather dress. With backlighting, the feathers become bright and almost technical-looking diamonds. The color of the translucent ambient light changes with a swipe of a finger, creating a fascinating new look.


The solution

In a nutshell: PolyTC® sensors. These capacitive sensors are not only extremely robust and functional but also enable clear, true-color illumination over the entire touch area. This enabled KURZ to realize a functional day-night design. The sensors are flexible too, allowing them to be integrated into 3D-shaped components as well.


Here's how we won over the jury:

  • Flexible sensors, even for complex geometries
  • Full-surface radiolucency
  • Touch functionality
  • Day-night design


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