IMDA Award 2021

"Deepwave" door trim

Shiny indium 3D surface designs

Our latest trend has won over the jury of the IMDA (In-Mold Decorating Association, USA): Indium-based metallization. The expert IMDA judges award the best IMD solutions each year. The KURZ Deepwave door trim’s impressive features are sensational surface effects combined with brilliant colors and intelligent design. When light meets the surface, its appearance changes. At first glance, the driver perceives a closed, homogeneous surface. The functions below the surface only become apparent when touching them or using gesture control.

Indium designs support radar and 5G applications

To produce successful applications, automotive manufacturers, and makers of consumer electronics in particular, need to have some surfaces that let radar and 5G rays through. With indium-based metallization, KURZ has created an option that perfectly meets this requirement.


Environmentally friendly real metal surfaces

Innovative design meets maximum efficiency. Indium-based metallization caters to the stringent specifications of the automotive industry and is suitable for interior and exterior applications as well as for smart consumer electronics. The method can be used for simple and strongly curved shapes in the efficient series production process. What’s more, indium designs are the environmentally friendly alternative to electroplating, as they do not only dispense with harmful chromium VI, but products with an IMD decoration can also be easily recycled at the end of the product life cycle.


Here's how we won over the jury:

  • Economical IMD series production process
  • Also suitable for complex geometries
  • Iridescent, glossy design
  • Shy Tech design and backlighting concept
  • 5G, radar, and LiDAR applications possible


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