Sustainable metallization with chrome and indium:

Sensational reflections combined with color, design, and real chrome looks are the latest trends from KURZ. The incredible design variations offered by indium-based metallization can even be seamlessly and precisely transferred to components up to 1,000 mm wide. Indium has another advantage: It is particularly suitable for Shy Tech designs and 5G technology. Backlighting provides additional orientation and design highlights.



Efficient and sustainable

A 360° solution partner incorporates sustainability right from the start. KURZ and its partners are continuously developing the value chain. Our IMD process is no exception here:

  • The one-stop process reduces CO2 consumption in production
  • Metallization is carried out in a dry process using wafer-thin indium decorative layers, THE environmentally friendly alternative to electroplating
  • The quality remains the same, even for large series
  • The decoration does not impair the recyclability of the components
  • The process is ideal for the use of recycled materials

What's so special about indium- and chrome-based metallization?

  • THE environmentally friendly alternative to electroplating
  • Unlimited design freedom: Patterns and colors are just as possible as a real chrome look, glossy, matte, semi-matte, and brushed surfaces
  • Supports autonomous driving technologies
  • Backlighting-capable, ideal for Shy Tech designs and touch operation
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to electroplating
  • Can be used in large or small applications
  • Efficient IMD series process (indium) and hot stamping (chrome)
  • Suitable for different types of plastic: ABS, PC/ABS, ASA, PP, PA12
  • Can be used for recycled materials
  • Chromium and indium are REACH compliant and therefore not subject to authorization in the EU
  • The metallized components can be easily recycled
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