Sustainable wall box design
for the vehicle of tomorrow

Charging infrastructure is already part of everyday life. The original and individual design and the smart touch functions that KURZ uses to enhance everyday wall boxes are new.


The transparent layer works with any design, preserving the antiviral properties of high-touch surfaces over time. Cleaning agents can also not damage this decor. BIOFENSE® ANTIVIRAL protection is free of heavy metals and can be easily and efficiently incorporated into the production process, for example through IMD or hot stamping.

Hot stamping

The metal-look outer ring is decorated using the efficient hot-stamping process, which is perfect for two-dimensional flat or raised structures. Metallization with chrome or indium is THE alternative to electroplating and can be carried out partially or over the entire surface.

IMD decoration

The backlit instrument center bezel has been created using the IMD process. The project partners comprising KURZ, the material manufacturer Covestro, and the manufacturer of injection molding machines Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, have done a fantastic job. This is because design, functionality, and resource-conserving production combine to form an innovative and sustainable unit.

Thanks to the IMD process, the wall box can be produced and decorated in a way that conserves resources and energy. In addition, the CO2-neutral material of the Sustainability Line is used, which is produced exclusively using green electricity.

PolyTC® touch sensor

Using Functional Foil Bonding (FFB) or In-Mold Electronics (IME), sensors can be integrated particularly precisely and securely in 2D and 3D components. The translucent and wafer-thin PolyTC® sensors allow unlimited freedom when it comes to decoration. They don’t impair the recyclability of the components.


Advantages at a glance

  • Extremely weather resistant surface
  • Economical, resource-saving IMD process possible in a single work step, including sensor integration
  • Plastic material produced in a CO2-neutral way
  • Supports CO2 reduction
  • The wall box is recyclable
  • Individualization of the surface design via laser technology possible

Hot Stamping

Full-surface or partial finishing of surfaces in a single step. Also suitable for KURZ metallization with chrome or indium.

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For subsequent decoration of already produced components with sensors. They can be recycled along with the components.

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In a single production process, components can be decorated and simultaneously equipped with PolyIC functionality.

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