Award for innovative Automotive Rear End Cover design concept

Electric vehicles and self-driving cars take design to a new level. The latest example: The Rear End Cover design concept from LEONHARD KURZ, which combines lighting concepts with intelligent sensor technology for integrated functionality and sets the course for autonomous driving. This development has now won the coveted iF Design Award, one of the world’s most important design competitions. In a two-stage process, LEONHARD KURZ prevailed over 10,800 designs from more than 72 countries and won in the Product/Automobiles/Vehicles category.

The requirement

Highest functionality, the lowest possible carbon footprint, and an unmistakable design are the requirements that electric vehicles and self-driving cars must meet. With the Rear End Cover, KURZ presents a solution that lets automotive brands impress in every aspect. With the innovative 2K IMD process, large components can be produced in one piece extremely economically and installed immediately.

The solution

Measuring 85.29 x 25.27 x 7.7 cm, the component is produced in one piece in just 60 to 70 seconds. In this process, not only the injection molding but also the decoration and functionalization of the component are combined in a single, highly efficient 2K IMD process. The finished component fits perfectly into the vehicle geometry and boasts 5G-capable and radar-permeable metallized surfaces. By using a multi-component material mix in combination with the In-Mold Decoration process, the component can be showcased by means of backlighting - and, thanks to targeted light isolation, all without unwanted light scattering. Numerous impressive effects can be achieved, such as day-night designs, adjustable color variations, and integrated light variations with color gradients. The touch operation on the Rear End Cover works via wafer-thin sensor foils attached to the rear.

The component can be recycled as a whole, including surface finishing and touch sensors. In addition, the efficient single-stage production process saves energy and CO2.

Here's how we won over the jury

  • Series-ready production of a readily installable rear component
  • Manufacturing and decoration in a single, highly efficient 2K IMD process step
  • Design variety and function with esthetic light application
  • Component recyclable in one piece
  • Sustainable metallization based on chrome and indium
  • Radar-permeable and 5G-compatible for autonomous driving
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