The more our environment challenges us, the greater our need for harmony, safety, and security becomes. The Visionary Design team at LEONHARD KURZ has translated this into natural surface designs under the theme of WELLBEING. The multi-faceted creations deliberately rely on harmonious contours and colors, flowing shapes, and subtle effects. We use recycled and bio-based materials, as well as natural dyes for these new and inspiring recyclable pieces.

Mellow Flames

Campfire and Mellow are the dominant shades. They overlap on predominantly transparent base material, and a matt finish alternates with gloss effects. With backlighting, you can set further highlights that give your brand that special touch. The more recycled material is used, the more fascinating the composition becomes, as the natural material gives the surface additional tension.

Natural Charms

The theme here is the pureness of nature. 100 percent whitish, translucent recycled material harmonizes perfectly with Rose Dust and Cloud Blue shades. A matt finish with gloss effect, backlit on request, allows the natural colors to really shine.

Lush Meadows

This design is reminiscent of lush summer meadows, refreshed by a warm rain shower. The base material, which is largely starch-based, can be applied extremely thinly. A satin finish gives the surface a slightly rough feel.

Timbered Rhythm

The transparent, glossy base material with grooves in the running direction harmonizes perfectly with natural shades. Overlapping colored areas create a play of shadow and light on the surface, which can be enhanced with elegant gloss highlights.

Bedruckter Kunststoff Haptik Stoff

Desert Waves

With designs in peach and sand, this 100% recycled material is reminiscent of desert dunes or tropical earth. Flowing lines, halftone printing, matt and gloss effects all help you create natural, harmonious dynamics on the surface, which are transferred to the surroundings.

Tasty Lines

Natural dyes such as walnut, beetroot, or turmeric come into their own on this white-dyed recycled material. Complemented with a matt gloss finish, they create special highlights on the surface. Different printing techniques also bring out the colors perfectly.

Durchsichtige Kunststoffteile mit goldglänzender Verzierung

Glowing Limits

Less is more. This design impresses with a single color. Matt and glossy effects add variety to the surface. The look is deliberately very reduced and particularly resource-saving, as a single print layer is sufficient to unfold its elegant effect.


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