HMI panel backlit digits sensor technology

HMI at a glance

The intriguing optics are just one aspect of this solution's charm. Sophisticated sensor functionality does away with controllers and switches in the interior. Touch and tactile sensors form the interface between people and the interior, evocatively staged with day-night design or backlighting. Important for your sustainability performance: HMI does away with a number of components. Transport routes to deliver them are eliminated, vehicles become lighter, and your carbon footprint improves.


Simply amazing!

Sophisticated HMI concept panel

Together with the project partner Reichle, a specialist in surface technology, KURZ has succeeded in creating a unique design solution. While still in the IMD process, a laser structure gives the surface a breathtaking touch of luxury, which is perfectly accentuated in combination with the metallic look.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Seamless decoration above 1,000 mm
  • Structure and decoration are created in one step
  • Fascinating diamond structure through sophisticated interplay of light and shadow
  • Partial non-conductive metallization supports 5G and touch functionality
  • Indium optics can be tinted, color-matched and provided with various degrees of gloss
  • Display integration possible on customer request
  • Recyclable, suitable for recyclates

Metallization decorative elements

Highlights for the interior

Chrome and indium harmonize perfectly with 5G applications, backlighting and special colors.


HMI Panel: Fading Lines

Red Dot Award 2020

At one meter, this concept panel is exceptionally wide. Its functionality is only evident when the driver activates the HMI panel by touch. The organically curved panel supports the driver intuitively. The single image produced using In-Mold Decoration (IMD) is recyclable.

Plastic display panel

This cost-effective solution can be seamlessly integrated into surrounding decorations. PolyTC® sensors are efficiently incorporated into the display via In-Mold Electronics (IME). This solution helps you on several levels: Not only do you reduce your production costs, but you are also taking a further step towards becoming a Green Leader: Production costs and carbon footprint are significantly reduced. Even with integrated touch sensor, the components remain recyclable. Also suitable for organically shaped displays.

Project ­partner


  • Shy Tech designs, backlighting, and light design possible
  • High efficiency: Sensors are produced on rolls
  • Award winning designs
  • Efficient processes for sensor integration, such as In-Mold Electronics
  • Capacitive sensor technology
  • Sustainable value chain: Reduced CO2 consumption through efficient product and process design and recyclability of sensors
HMI displayed on a center console in a car. A hand moves over the display and touches it, e.g. to regulate the seat heating.
HMI panel in the car that displays the titles of different songs
HMI panel car interior
HMI with air conditioning in car interior - display setting fully turned up
hmi and PolyIC sensor technology in car interior display backlit
HMI display with backlit headlight settings
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