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Extraordinary surfaces, inspired by nature

Did you know that fans and blades are built according to the operating principles of whale fins? The KURZ Visionary Design Team has been inspired by this perfect combination of beauty and size to create a new surface. Several innovative ideas and production technologies come together here: The advantages of different printing techniques are combined on a single surface. This is the first time that real metallized films have been reshaped three-dimensionally and backlit at the same time. An unoriented, natural-looking base structure of the grid is paired with gloss lines on the chrome-colored surface. This creates a breathtaking depth effect, which is amplified many times over with backlighting. Let this special dynamic effect take over! These are the precise highlights that make the first impression. For example, they give automotive interiors a unique character.

Possible design effects:

  • Extremely intense colors and brilliant reflections
  • Haptics
  • Surface structures with different levels of dullness
  • Color gradients
  • Shy Tech designs with touch operation
  • Real metallization effect
  • Three-dimensional geometries

The gloss lines in the chrome surface create an incredible depth effect. They look like deep gaps. In combination with the un-oriented structure of the grid, the component receives exceptional dynamics.

The unoriented basic structure combined with the glossy lines on the surface and backlighting, create an unforeseen depth.


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